Stage 3 goes to Canberra

My real job is a teacher.
This is my recount in the form of a painting of an excursion I did with five other teachers and ninety nine stage 3 (year 5 and 6) students. We went to our nations Capital, Canberra.

This is the story behind it:
In the winter of 2022, 99 brave students (99 U shapes) and 6 even braver teachers (6 U shapes around circle), travelled to our nations meeting place (circle with 4 lines of each side to edge is symbol for meeting place) - Canberra.

It was there we learned about our democratic law making process. We visited the Governor Generals house (crown), old Parliament House and Parliament House (red for The Senate and green for House of Representatives).

It wasn’t all boring stuff, we also visited the dinosaur museum (dinosaur), Australian institute of sport (person with ball) and Questacon (DNA strand).

We ended our trip with a visit to the War memorial (poppy).

While we all walked in, unfortunately one teacher left on a wheelchair (footprints go into circle and back again, one has parallel lines going back out - wheelchair).

We all left with more knowledge and understanding of our law making process. 
We are able to tell stories using symbols and colours. Literacy is not just the two R's (reading and writing). Writing with symbols and colours makes story telling accessible to all while including Aboriginal perspectives.

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