Wayana Sue’s Artwork - All Lands  (fits 240 litre bin)
Wayana Sue’s Artwork - All Lands  (fits 240 litre bin)
Bindigenous designs

Wayana Sue’s Artwork - All Lands (fits 240 litre bin)

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This is a collaboration design and has been created by artist Sue Shilcock from Wayana Sue’s Artwork.

This bright and colourful sticker is printed on high tac material that is suitable for plastic bins. It is coated in a clear laminate that offers extra UV protection.

This very unique bin sticker is sure to brighten a usually hidden object. Bring some art to your yard and brighten the street on bin day. 

This sticker has been designed to size for any 240 litre bin.


Width - 592mm
Height - 813mm

Councils have their own rules regarding additions to their bins. Please check with your local council if in doubt regarding use of stickers on your bins.

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About the artist

I am Sue Shilcock, a proud Guringai woman and contemporary Aboriginal artist residing in the Hunter Valley.

When I am on country, the feeling is like nothing else and it is sacred to me. For me, painting is a way for us to have culture front and foremost, to share what drives us, what nourishes us and how to find synergy with nature. It’s also a chance to tell history in a relatable way.

We are all caretakers of this land and I believe our art is a very uniting thing.

Art story

“All Lands”

We see the journey of people from the coast and inland gathering. We see tracks of kangaroo and symbols of fish (with a cheeky one going against the norm). We see footprints of those who tread gently and with respect for our environment, the animals around us and each other.

Customer Reviews

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Margot Barefoot
Tourist Attraction

My house, which is visible from the Dampier Highway in Karratha, has become the latest tourist attraction since I purchased my new bin stickers. Tourists are now stopping to take photos of my colorful rubbish bins! I hope these bin stickers become the latest trend as there is certainly a lot of interest in them from passers by. Want a fun and respectful way to improve your property, buy some bin stickers from Bindingenous.