Maaya-li Dhawun Creations  - Desert Journey  (fits 240 litre bin)
Maaya-li Dhawun Creations  - Desert Journey  (fits 240 litre bin)
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Maaya-li Dhawun Creations - Desert Journey (fits 240 litre bin)

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This is a collaboration design and has been created by artist Kaliela Thornton from Maaya-li Dhawun Creations.

This bright and colourful sticker is printed on high tac material that is suitable for plastic bins. It is coated in a clear laminate that offers extra UV protection.

This very unique bin sticker is sure to brighten a usually hidden object. Bring some art to your yard and brighten the street on bin day. 

This sticker has been designed to size for any 240 litre bin.


Width - 592mm
Height - 813mm

Councils have their own rules regarding additions to their bins. Please check with your local council if in doubt regarding use of stickers on your bins.

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About the artist

My name is Kaliela Thornton
I am a proud Gamilaroi Yuwaalaroi woman, a mother of 6 daughters and I wear many hats! One of which is my special cap of being an artist.

Under the title Maaya-li Dhawun Creations (Whispers from Country) My connection and love of country, following in the footsteps of my beloved Poppi Reginald Knox an Elder and Gamilaroi artist, the natural talents of my mum, my Nanna and my step-dad, each their own ways they taught me, which has broadened my understanding of my own personal journey and the importance of connection to country. 

Art story

Desert Journey - The red colours depict the terrain, a topical view of terrain - desert hills and rocky plain either side of creek bed that only fills when the floods from up North come through. The journey takes me through and along the creek-bed, as we wandered and camped in my youth in South Australia.  Desert Journey is a memory and a childhood connection to a place I grew up and come to know as home.