Bindigenous golden wattle sunset bin sticker
Bindigenous Golden Wattle Sunset - Gulgulay yaarri-y (fits 240 litre bin)
Bindigenous designs

Bindigenous Golden Wattle Sunset - Gulgulay yaarri-y (fits 240 litre bin)

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This bright and colourful sticker is printed on high tac material that is suitable for plastic bins. It is coated in a clear laminate that offers extra UV protection.

This very unique bin sticker is sure to brighten a usually hidden object. Bring some art to your yard and brighten the street on bin day. 

This sticker has been designed to size for the 240 litre bins.


Width - 597mm
Height - 818mm

Councils have their own rules regarding additions to their bins. Please check with your local council if in doubt regarding use of stickers on your bins.

Add any two Bin Stickers from the Rainbow, and Flora and Fauna collections, and an automatic discount will be applied. Save $5.40 each, for 240L bin stickers and $4.50 each for 140L bin stickers.

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Story of the art:

(Gulgulay yaarri-y - gool goo lay yarr i) Golden Wattle sunset.

Australia’s national floral emblem - the Golden Wattle. When in (garayn - gar -ain) flower, the Golden Wattle displays the national colours, (gawarrawarr - gar warra ware) green and (gidjirr- geej aar) yellow / gold. The golden wattle is viewed by (burralaa - boo rraa laa) many Australians as a symbol of unity.

Acacia forest is Australia's second most common forest type after Eucalypt (Yurrull - yoo rrool), bush with 9.8 million hectares or 8 per cent of total forest area. Almost 1,000 species of Acacia occur in Australia, making it the nation's largest genus of flowering plants. 

The old Anglo-Saxon word 'wattle' comes from the quick and handy (gundhi - goon di) house (dhurra-li- door ar li) construction method of the early English settlers. (Dharra - dar rrah) Tree branches and saplings were (garri-y - gurr i) cut and woven onto wooden frames to create panels called wattles. Sydney - the city - began with a wattle branch.

Beautiful (gunima - goo ni ma) Mother Earth.

The (gagan.gagan - garg en garg en) many colours in the background represent the colours found in golden hour sunsets. This design was completed for an aged care home in Yuin country. The residents are in the golden sunset stage of their lives. (Ganunga - gar noon ga) They are golden to us. Our (dhiriya - dearr i yaa) old man and  (yambull - yum bull) old woman who should be treasured (yaliwunga - yarli woonga) always.


* Words in this story include Aboriginal language from Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay, Yuwaalayay nation, which is predominantly located in the central north of New South Wales but also extends into southern Queensland. 

Common spellings of the Aboriginal words are in orange. Phonetic pronunciation is in brown and the English word is in blue.  

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