Bindigenous Garriya - Rainbow serpent (fits 240 litre bin)
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Bindigenous Garriya - Rainbow serpent (fits 240 litre bin)

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This is a new sticker coming to Bindigenous. Arrival at Bindigenous headquarters, is 3rd August. Orders will be posted on Monday 8th August. 

This bright and colourful sticker is printed on high tac material that is suitable for plastic bins. It is coated in a clear laminate that offers extra UV protection.

This very unique bin sticker is sure to brighten a usually hidden object. Bring some art to your yard and brighten the street on bin day. 

This sticker has been designed to size for the 240 litre bins.


Width - 597mm
Height - 818mm

Councils have their own rules regarding additions to their bins. Please check with your local council if in doubt regarding use of stickers on your bins.

Add any two Bin Stickers from the Rainbow, and Flora and Fauna collections, and an automatic discount will be applied. Save $4.95 each, for 240L bin stickers and $4.05 each for 140L bin stickers.

*FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on all orders over $99*


Story of the art:

Garriya means Rainbow serpent in Gamilaraay. Gamilaroi peoples believe in many supernatural beings, part of Dreamtime, one of those being Garriya – rainbow serpent. The rainbow serpent has connections to water, which is his spiritual home – but reminds us of our connections to Mother Earth. The sun. The stars. The people. Rainbow serpent has prominence across many nations on the land that is now called Australia. He has many names. He can be seen in the form as a snake or a rainbow in the sky. When he is seen as a rainbow in the sky, he is moving from one water hole to another.